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Total Vauxhall Day @ Castle Combe

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Written by Roger Fletcher   
Friday, 10 September 2010 20:49

I got a messgae from my friend Clive, whilst on holiday in Portugal.  Would i like a pair of tickets into the Total Vauxhall day at Castle Combe, and my car on the Total Vauxhall stand.

Well what is one supposed to say? So on the day after i returned from holiday, i strapped the rally car onto the trailer and borrowed the father in laws van (Many thanks Nick!).

After unloading the rally car onto the Total Vauxhall stand in the motorsport section.  I was soon approached by a lady enquiring which track session i would like to do.  So after asking how much they were, and being told i was allowed to got out on the motorsport sessions for free, i put myself down for both the motorsport sessions.


After having got the boring but necessary paperwork side of things out of the way, i started to think about getting the car ready.  Turns out in my hurry to make sure the car looked good for being on the Total Vauxhall stand i had swopped the tarmac tyres it had been sitting on for some nicer looking alloys.  Turns out this left the car with some road tyres on the rear and some "thin in the tread department" looking tarmac tyres on the front.  Not to bad i thought, it will do.

Then whilst queuing up in the pit lane waiting for the first motorsport session to start, it started to rain.

After gingerly tiptoeing around for the first few laps to get a feel of the tyres (having never driven on dry tarmac tyres before in the wet), i settled into the session.

Then it was time for a lamb pitta for lunch, and a wonder around the stands, to see what cars were about.  There was a surprisingly small amount of Nova's about.  Plus most of the stuff for sale on the stands was very shiny and expensive looking.

At least it looked like it was starting to clear and dry on the weather front.

So out for the second session, and it drizzled a bit before the session but nothing to major.

All in all a good fun (and cheap) day out.

For some images of the car in action see www.mybibnumber.com, scroll down to Total Vauxhall day, then select sessions G and S

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