Track day shakedown @ Keevil Airfield

Written by Roger Fletcher   
Friday, 10 September 2010 19:52

Well it was decided that the car needed a shakedown.

As it seems pointless to insure and tax the car to put it on the road. Especially as you cannot drive the car as hard and fast on a road as you can when competing, the car will never get hot or stressed enough to be sure that it will be fine when used in anger.  So a track day it was to be.

Having done a few trackdays before, it was a no brainer when it came to deciding which trackday to go with.  The trackdays organised by are very well organised, in a smooth and efficient manner, with a relaxed and fun feel to them.

As they are also based locally, the venues that they use are all close by.  Timing and location led us to doing the trackday at Keevil airfield (about 5 miles from home) on monday the 19th July.

Well a good day was had by all, the car ran fine with no problems.


Amy enjoyed here first real go at driving the car, since its rebuild.


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